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02nd Mar 2014
Marc Murphy | d(-_-)b     [Team BackPack Audition]

Marc Murphy | d(-_-)b [Team BackPack Audition]

Make sure you tweet to @TeamBackPack and let them know what you think of Marc’s Audition!!!

07th Feb 2014
NEW MUSIC VIDEO | Marc Murphy – The Come Up

NEW MUSIC VIDEO | Marc Murphy – The Come Up

12th Nov 2013

Nino Green – The Noir (Mixtape)

We’ve been supporting the young homie Nino Green for a minute now, and he just dropped a new project! The Noir packs 9 tracks to weave a smooth web of...

01st Nov 2013
did you wrong

Nicky Niick – Did You Wrong (Ft. Murph)

We’ve been rocking with the homie @NickyNiick for a grip now, so it was only right to link up with him once again for “Did You Wrong”. Nicky never disappoints...

01st Nov 2013
Joeys Final Hours

Murph – Joeys Final Hours

Another release off of Murph’s upcoming project, “Joeys Final Hours” depict a young kid caught up in the negativity of society and poverty. With all other options seemingly absent, Joey...

01st Nov 2013
GOLD cover

$tackz – In The Air

The final release off of G.O.L.D(Getting Older Living Dreams) before its release, “In The Air” has a relaxing tone that produces good vibes. Nonetheless $tackz delivers a heavy set of...

01st Nov 2013
Bill Murray

James Gibbons – Bill Murray

Another release from James Gibbons brings back the hip hop aspect of “Maybe You Should Drive”. Bill Murray is full of pop culture references dating back to the Mid- 80′s...

01st Nov 2013
Higher Than Ever Trackart

Murph – Higher Than Ever

Fresh off of “Organic”, Murph releases a song off his next project (Title coming soon). “Higher Than Ever” is an anthem for anybody dealing with some sort of struggle at...

01st Nov 2013
Final Cover

Murph – Organic Remains of a Previous Time(Mixtape)

Murph releases his second solo mixtape “Organic Remains of a Previous Time”. A compilation of songs released over the past year as well as some unreleased material. With features from...

01st Nov 2013
Drive Slow

James Gibbons – Drive Slow

If you haven’t quite figured out the direction of James Gibbons .. don’t worry, neither have we. The clash of Hip Hop and Reggae will set the general tone for...